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Brattleboro Subaru dedicates itself to customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations in our attempt to continue to give this great service to those in Brattleboro VT, Keene NH, Northampton MA and beyond.

We would like you to take a moment and hear why we can be the best place for you to purchase your next
new vehicle, service that vehicle, and maintain a long lasting family bond for years to come.

A big thank you to all who have already instilled that trust in Brattleboro Subaru.

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"Sincerest Thanks and Appreciation"

"I HIGHLY recommend Brattleboro Subaru"

Leased a 2016 Legacy Premium. I contacted all Subaru dealerships within 100 miles of my hometown. From my very first conversation with Amy Ciccone, Brattleboro Subaru was one of the best dealerships to work with, including searching the entire New England inventory database for me even though I suspected she never believed I would drive the 100 miles to buy a car from them. I negotiated everything via phone and email with Mike Masters and Jason Reynolds in advance of even arriving at the dealership. I have dealt with over 40 dealerships in the last 4 years for my cars, my wife's cars, and cars for friends and family. As such, I have become pretty skeptical of good deals having seen some shady activities and efforts. Needless to stay, I was ecstatic when the "too-good-to-be-true" offer from Brattleboro was, in fact, 100% true. They were able to offer me a deal that had other dealers literally laughing when I price-shopped it around with each other dealer telling me to give them a call back when this deal turns out not to be true. Jason Posternak was the sales/finance manager. It was the same laid-back, painless, friendly experience with him as with Amy, Mike, and Jason Reynolds, having a nice conversation about hobbies, family, and life in Boston. I love my Legacy and in addition to recommending a 2016 Legacy, I HIGHLY recommend Brattleboro Subaru.

-Ryan J.

" experience in customer service comes close to what I had at Brattleboro Subaru"

Thank you Brattleboro Subaru! I went to 4 dealerships before I came here to try to trade in my pickup, but there was a problem with my title. It turned out that it was still in the original owner's name and because of this, no dealership wanted to help me trade it in towards a new vehicle. Then I found Brattleboro Subaru. They not only told me that they would take in my truck, but they would help me fix the title. My salesperson Matt Hale spent 2 months doing research and tracking down the original owner to get title signed over to me. He even got a driver to make the 7 hour trip to get the paperwork done twice to help me! In the end, I was finally able to get the vehicle I needed thanks to the hard work of Matt Hale. I've bought A LOT of cars in the past, but no experience in customer service comes close to what I had at Brattleboro Subaru. Thanks so much for all of your help!

-Dean Tracy

"John and Marie performed exemplary"

Hello Mr. Higley,

I have not received my evaluation from Subaru yet but I will fill it out with all my comments though it will pretty much give John a glowing recommendation. When I first entered your dealership, John McLean was the first to greet me even though he had not been assigned to me yet as I only had contact with your online representative Marie Flack. Marie was very easy to work with and sent me exactly what I wanted in a timely manner generally the first person to be upfront with me wins my business so negotiating the car took all of 5 minutes. I told Marie I would be down as I prefer to meet people face to face to finish out all the details I met with Marie and she introduced me to John. John being a car guy, made it easy for him to identify with my unique ticks or car ocd as it would generally be called. We hammered out all the specs, trade in evaluation, and it was a very cordial and stress free interaction, in reality I know trade ins get market value so you won't get any push back from me and you guys already offered me a reasonable price for the new vehicle. As this was my second ordered Subaru I knew that having a good rapport with the sales staff was essential, John would send me updates both via email and a phone call which was greatly appreciated. When it was time for pickup it was a quick in and out. I would say that both John and Marie performed exemplary and if they are representative of your dealership then I am proud to be one of your customers. Car buying has always been a contentious process and it's great to see that business can be conducted civilly with a smile.

Thank your for your time and excellent customer support,

Amado Tucker

"My experience was awesome"

Mr. Higley,

I have not gotten the survey yet about my experience with John or Subaru in general. I have my own survey:

John was professional, specific, and most importantly to me, kind. He did not rush me. I did not feel "pushed into the sale." I had a most wonderful experience....actually the best salesman I have ever encountered, and I have bought a few vehicles.

Subaru doesn't have to sell vehicles, they sell themselves. It really helps when you have a great salesman though.

Please tell John how much I appreciate his help. He guided me through the whole instrument panel which made me feel comfortable and less intimidated.

I will answer the survey, but just thought I would let you know that my experience was awesome.

I am a happy Subaru owner.

-Brenda Milligan


"Exceptional Service"

Dear Mr. Higley,

We want to thank you and especially Ian for your great service.  Ian did give us "exceptional service"  both by keeping us informed of the status of the car and by thoroughly explaining all
the facets of our new car.  When we are ready to buy another new car, we will certainly come to Subaru Brattleboro and ask to have Ian as our salesperson.

Sincerely yours,
Natalie and Peter Hannon

PS Kudos also go to Jason for making everything go smoothly.

Judy's adventure in her new Subaru

Hey Billy, thought of you in Cleveland, and on a windy road to Mount Rushmore crawling along as pavement was being torn up and laid down. Also in a blinding rainstorm near Fort Wayne, IN. We are just back from a 3 1/2 week trip to national parks and to relatives, and the Subaru was a true partner, performing beautifully! I even let Bruce drive some, and I think he may like the alternative to doing all the shifting himself. I had the inspection done locally in the brief time before we left, but thanks to Subaru for the reminder!!!!!

Thanks for your kind words and for getting me located in this wonderful car!

-Judy via email

"The city of Brattleboro is lucky to have such a great staff."

I would like to share our experience with Brattleboro-Subaru and if you need any further evidence that people are good and really do care, then this dealership personifies the word "service".

We actually came to Brattleboro by complete coincidence. While returning home from a family vacation, our car lost all electrical power. Not only were we fortunate to stop at exit 2 off of I-91, but also lucky enough that Brattleboro Subaru was also located this same exit. While still hours away from home and the threat of bad weather looming, we were anxious to get the car fixed and get home.

We want to thank the staff at Brattleboro-Subaru for everything they did to get my family back on the road. If the 3 individuals that took care of us represent the type of people that are part of the dealership, then the city of Brattleboro is lucky to have such a great staff. Doug Howard was the first to help us. After we explained the situation and the problems that we encountered with the car, he immediately understood the urgency and necessity to get us back home. After the initial assessment, he explained the condition of the car in a very professional and calm demeanor. He made us aware that a part was needed to complete the service but could only be obtained from Connecticut. If any further delay, and with poor weather approaching, the repair would not be completed for 4 days. There was no doubt in his voice; he was going to try to get us home. I would like to thank Jim Ferro for driving all the way to Connecticut for the necessary part, and driving with the threat of snow and poor driving conditions. I would also like to thank Phil Szczygiel for performing the repair in a timely manner and also being so personable from the very beginning.

Overall we cannot thank the team enough. Upon our final good-byes, we were reminded of the upcoming storm and were told to be careful on the way home.

It is rare these days to find a place that truly takes pride on how they do and go about their business. My family and I are lucky to have found Brattleboro-Subaru, but even luckier to have met such caring and professional people.

With Sincere Thanks,

Dave from NY

- February, 2015 via

"Easy, thorough, friendly, honest, and thrilling!"

I absolutely LOVE my new Crosstrek! It was exactly what I wanted (Premium--so cloth seats--with Nav and a backup camera), so I was thrilled when I found it (in the color I wanted!) on the Brattleboro Subaru site. I sent an internet inquiry to see if it was still available, and Marie answered me in a heartbeat. It was a pleasure working with both Marie and Amy on the phone; they helped accelerate the finance process for me, and they made sure to hold it on the lot for me so that I could pick it up the next day. When I made the 2+ hour trip down, Jason was equally as wonderful to work with from start to finish. He was kind, knowledgeable and patient throughout my experience, and he was never pushy. Finally, I worked with Nizam, who helped me with the rest of my financing. He was also very friendly and he didn't push me for time. I'm new to the car-buying process, so I asked a lot of questions through the financing process to make sure I understood it correctly. As a young female, I was concerned that I would be taken advantage of during my car search--especially with financing--but Nizam explained everything to me and gave me time to digest the paperwork, which I really appreciate.

Thank you for making purchasing a Subaru the way it should be: easy, thorough, friendly, honest, and thrilling! - February, 2015 via



"From one extreme to another..."

As a first time car buyer I was quite nervous on what to expect from dealerships. I knew I wanted to look at the Imprezas and quite possibly the wrx as well. My first stop was Subaru of Keene, I walked around with my father for a good 45 mins looking around almost the whole lot. I've always heard how cars salesman can come out and be pushy with you, the couple salesman I did see came out, moved some vehicles but failed to acknowledge us. At this point I just wanted someone to come out and say hello, it was Saturday, it was like they didn't expect people to be there. After a few more minutes of walking around I decided I wanted to go to Brattleboro Subaru. As we pull into the lot I lay my eyes on a 2015 wrx, I park my car and my dad and I walk over to take a look. I had some questions but was still very unsure on when I wanted to get a car. I was approached by Rose Kochman and she asked if there was anything she could do for me. I told her I was a first time buyer, still very unsure on my choice and just recently started thinking about getting a new car. She invited us inside to talk things over. We talked about the wrx I was just looking at and next thing I new I was on a test drive! I was instantly in love and ended up leaving with the car a couple hours later. Through the whole process Rose was absolutely amazing!!! She made everything so easy to understand and was not pushy by any means, it was painless. She went above and beyond to get me the best rate possible and made sure I was happy with everything along the way. I am still in love with my car and look forward to the years to come!! Thank you all at Brattleboro Subaru for everything you guys do!! You've gained my business and I tell everyone about my experience with your great customer service!! I also tell them of my experience in Keene...Things certainly worked out in my favor!!!. - January, 2014 via


"A pleasure to deal with."

My wife and I recently bought a Subaru Forester at Brattleboro Subaru. I worked primarily with Matt Verge, and the whole team was a pleasure to deal with. Matt had previously sold a used car to my son, age 20, so we felt very comfortable coming back to Matt when our 2001 Forester reached the end of its life in December 2014. Matt was friendly and helpful in every aspect of the sale, from taking a test drive with us to taking care of the old car--even switching the snow tires from it to the 2011 Forester we bought. Thanks again!! I would definitely recommend buying a car there from Matt Verge. - January, 2014 via


"Goes above and beyond"

Staff goes above and beyond to assure everyone is 100 percent satisfied. I would recommend Brattleboro Subaru to anyone. They were extremly helpful and I was very comfortable with the purchasing experience - December, 2014 via


"100% satisfied!!"

Great staff, extremely helpful and friendly. Showroom is very clean and neat too. Would definently go there again and would recommend them to everyone. I am 100% satisfied!! - December, 2014 via


"A great deal on a new Subaru without all the typical hassle that comes with buying a car."

I owned a Subaru Forester that was getting close to 5 years old, and my husband was driving me crazy about trading it in for a new one while it still had value and low miles. I resisted for a long time, but finally gave in, IF he could find a dealer to get exactly what I was looking for - namely, a hard to find color with all the options I wanted. I figured not he nor any dealer would be able to do it for an attractive price, and give me what my trade-in was worth. Much to my surprise, he worked a deal with Brattleboro Subaru. Mike and Marie made sure all my criteria were met, and offered a pretty good deal on top of it. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal on a new Subaru without all the typical hassle that comes with buying a car. - December, 2014 via


 "Every aspect went perfect"

I purchased my car from them and every aspect went perfect great people. Thank you so much for making car buying a good experience for me and my wife - December, 2014 via


"An easy and stress free experience"

Locally managed, owned -- with local customers and good community engagement and support. Buying a car here is really an easy and stress free experience. Make sure to meet Luke, the general Manager, and Billy the salesman is first rate. You will be treated well and fairly. All these folks have families in the community and want to do well by the customers. Of course it does not hurt that their product is simply perfect for this area. Subarus are hard to beat!


"Did not have that high pressure I've experienced"

Everybody was so friendly and helpfull. Did not have that high pressure I've experienced at other dealers in the past . I will definitely recomend to others. - December, 2014 via


"Completely attentive, polite, engaging and competent."

The entire sales and service staff were completely attentive, polite, engaging and competent. Each and every one of them I dealt with knew no bounds in answering, or finding the answer to, any of the few questions I had. The reason I had 'few' questions was that they seemed to anticipate almost all of them. - October, 2014 via


"Thank the boys for us, we LOVE the car!"

By the way, a man stopped my outside the supermarket the other day asking how we liked the car. I had nothing but the best to say about it and directed him to shop with you guys if he decides on a Subaru for it was certainly worth the trip! - August, 2014 via Email


Hi John-

Thanks for taking the time to meet me on Sunday.  I wanted to follow up with a quick note just to reiterate what a positive experience your team provided for me.  It was a long day overall, but certainly worth the trip.

Marie did a great job working with me over email prior to me driving down there.  She really represented you guys well, all of the replies I got were helpful.  It always felt like I was dealing with a person who would make time to understand what I was looking for instead of someone who was squeezing in a few emails on their breaks.  She is the reason I decided to come down there for the visit and is ultimately responsible for me buying the new Forester.

John was great during the test drive I did and was really knowledgeable.  He was quick to tell me he was new to the car game, but it never felt like it and the humility he showed really worked well.  He doesn't come across as the stereotypical salesman, and I mean that in a good way.

I was really impressed in how well they listened.  Though they asked many of the same questions most sales people do,  they seemed to do an outstanding job of understanding me and adjusting their approach.

By the way, neither of them bribed me to email you and my feedback would be the same whether or not we found an agreeable deal or not.  I was impressed with your group down there. 

Thanks for everything.

Scott Sanderson
Customer Support, North and South America
Husky Injection Molding Systems Inc.

"A positive experience for a discerning customer"

I began my car-buying experience (2015 Subaru Outback) at my local dealers in the Albany, NY area, but quickly turned to when I was not satisfied with the prices I was being offered. Brattleboro Subaru was the first dealership to get back to me, and I established contact with Marie Flack. Over the next week, Marie and I exchanged over two dozen emails, along with numerous phone calls. I was initially very hesitant to be doing business with an out-of-state dealership that is about 1.5 hours away. However, Marie was open, honest, informative, friendly, and patient with me. She allowed me to do my own research and work through the process at my own pace, without putting sales pressure on me. She was confident that she would beat out the other dealerships on price, and she did so. I ordered my 2015 Outback ten days after my first conversation with her, and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival at the dealership. I have also had follow-ups from Matt Hale, who is keeping me apprised of my order status. Once the car is built and shipped, I will be picking it up at the dealership, and trading in my 1999 Outback. I will post a final review once I complete the entire car-buying process. So far, this has been a very positive experience for me. - August, 2014 via


"great crew"

I have had my 2010 Subaru for 4 years, i have had some problems with it, and once i brought it to Subaru they got me right in and fixed everything and was very detailed in the work. I am one of those customers who ask more than enough questions, and the services and parts department has been nothing but the best. - August, 2014 via

Aimee Harrison

"Well worth the drive"

They knew more about the cars, their price was better, their financing terms were better....but the thing that stands out to me the most is that the people at this dealership were just simply nicer than any other I've dealt with. - August, 2014 via


"new car purchase 2015 Legacy "

great experience, no hassle or hard sell, literally closed and completed deal including evaluation of our trade in under one hour. all employees we dealt with were both friendly and professional - August, 2014 via


"Pleasure to work with everyone "

Everyone was very helpful in the purchasing process as well as meeting all of my expectations. Very glad I chose this dealership and even more so that I got the car I've always wanted. - June, 2014 via


"Great Price, Great Salesperson"

Bought our 2014 Outback online and got a fabulous price. Prompt and friendly e-mails and phone calls throughout the process and Matt kept us informed every step of the way - from order, to port arrival, to delivery date. Extremely satisfied with the entire process. - May, 2014 via


"A true test of a good dealership"

Sometimes the true test of a good dealership is when things don't work out. I was considering a new, yet unreleased 2015 Subaru Outback and discovered that Brattleboro Subaru was offering a $500 below invoice as a pre-order special. I contacted Marie Flack and she was great in setting this up for me and gave me assurances that if my wife and I weren't happy with how the car looked when released to the public that the $500 deposit would be refundable. When released my wife decided she wasn't really happy with the redesign and wanted to look for another vehicle. I was happy with the redesign but then she's the one that would be using this car everyday. I contacted Marie to explain that we would like a refund of our deposit and was then contacted by Mike Masters to go over getting my $500 back. He was very professional and didn't pressure me to change my mind and promised a speedy refund which I received in a timely fashion - no hassles. When the time comes to trade in my car I would definitely consider using them. - May, 2014 via


"This dealership is willing to work with you."

Just bought a 2015 Lightening Red WRX. This dealership is willing to work with you. Not only did I get a great deal, but it was below invoice, and the sales team was respectful and willing to work with me throughout the whole negotiation process. I've been to some other dealerships in MA who just flat out refused to negotiate, but these guys aren't sharks. Service was excellent and they followed up with me well after the car was in my hands. - May, 2014 via


"I would certainly recommend them."

From the start I was pleased with Brattleboro Subaru. I sent an online request for more information during the evening and received a response that night. The follow-up was great both online and over the phone. When I went in to the dealership, the personnel were friendly and helpful and certainly not pushy compared to other dealerships I went to. I would certainly recommend them.  - April, 2014 via


"We plan on returning for a second vehicle"

We had shopped for quite awhile searching for the perfect Forester. Many dealers and sales people left us with the "used car salesman ick feeling" we did not have that experience at Brattleboro Subaru. We felt very well cared for, got a great price for our trade in and love our new car. We plan on returning for a second vehicle and would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends and family. - March, 2014 via


"Customer service is the number one priority at Brattleboro Subaru"

My first contact with Brattleboro Subaru was by phone. I had requested a price quote via email and subsequently spoke with Mike Masters. Mike, who is one of their sales people who handles internet marketing, was terrific and gave me a very aggressive quote on the model I was interested in. Many dealers won't do that by phone because they know you may take that quote to other dealers without ever setting foot on their lot. I appreciated their honest approach and visited Brattleboro Subaru the next day. While there, I worked with Mike and with Paul Sucharzewski. They were terrific!! Very friendly, with no high pressure tactics. They were eager to answer all my questions and didn't hesitate to ask questions of me to ensure the Impreza Sport that I was considering was a good fit for what I needed. This may sound overly enthusiastic, but I really had the sense that customer service is the number one priority at Brattleboro Subaru. I think they would be willing to lose a sale if they thought a customer was not making the right purchase. Great dealership and great staff!! - March, 2014 via


"I'm loving it"

Jason Steele was awesome and work with me step by step with the purchase of my car. I'm loving it thanks you brattleboro subaru - March, 2014 via


"I told him what I want and what I would pay... and he make it happen"

Mike Masters was my 1st contact for getting a car, i told him what i want and what i would pay for monthly payment and the interest and he make it happen, pick out the car and i travel 2 hour to come and pickup it was painless and take a new car for a back road drive home. Matt Hale is the one i deal with after come to the dealer he show me around the car and what to expect. - March, 2014 via


"Proud owner of a new vehicle"

I worked with Matthew Hale at Brattleboro Subaru, while looking into purchasing a new vehicle. I started on the internet with Matt to schedule a test drive and he was very helpful and accommodating with setting up the appointment. When I went in to meet Matt and drive the cars, everything was ready for me as I arrived. He was very knowledgeable about all of the vehicles and took my job and situation into consideration while helping me. We worked together over the next few weeks and I found myself the proud owner of a new vehicle. Matt was very prompt in communicating with me and did an outstanding job to ensure that my experience with the dealership was as smooth and as rewarding as possible. - February, 2014 via


"Would definitely go back to Brattleboro Subaru"

Everyone at Brattleboro Subaru was great. Very friendly, professional to work with. Would definitely recommend them to anyone. If ever need to purchase another vehicle in the future would definitely go back to Brattleboro Subaru. - February, 2014 via


I was very impressed with this dealership. Was almost afraid to look for a new car. I looked online to pick out a sales rep (Rose) that I felt I could connect well with. I called & set up an appt for that afternoon. I told her what I tentatively was looking for. She gave me some insights on which vehicle would match my needs. I fell in love with the car she recommended. After some back & forth with price we settled - both satisfied I think. Finance person went thru all paperwork very well the day of delivery. Rose was out sick the day I picked up my car but the fill in sales rep, Billy also was fantastic explaining all the ins & outs with the car. Rose called a few days later asking if there were any questions & how I like my new car. VERY SATISFIED. GREAT DEALERSHIP! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Tammy S. via Owner Loyalty Program

"From the moment we were greeted at the door, we felt welcome and comfortable"

From the moment we were greeted at the door, we felt welcome and comfortable in looking to buy a used car. The sales employees we dealt with (all three) were outstanding. It was easy to find something we liked (great selection) and it was the right price. We look forward to continue servicing our Subaru cars at this dealership for years to come. - December, 2013 via


"Helped us find the car we were looking for."

Came in close to closing time, Matt came out helped us find the car we were looking for. Then Matt and several other employees stayed till after close to do paper work for car purchase. The service department went over car and repaired every thing that I had asked to be repaired. They also set us up to have car as soon as was possible and hand delivered car plates right to us. - December, 2013 via



Hello John,

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your personal integrity. When I purchased my used 2008 Subaru Outback this summer from your Ford dealership, I did not expect that any future repairs would be warranteed. But when word got to you that my car was having an unusual, and potentially costly problem, you offered to take care of me.

    I know very well that you did not have to do that, and I will always remember your "stand up" gesture. When it is time for our next automobile purchase, your dealership will be our first stop.

    Please extend my sincere appreciation to Bill Cooke for his diplomacy and the talented tecnician, Jody Goodenough for troubleshooting a difficult problem.


    Skip Morrow

I can recommend this dealership"

Matt was an excellent ,caring salesman
I never had a Subaru before and was pleased with the quality of car and the service I received
I can recommend this dealership - December, 2013 via


ade us feel so comfortable"

We were looking for a good deal on the Subaru Impreza 5-door & feel that we received one from Brattleboro Subaru. Loved dealing with Rose Kochman who made us feel so comfortable & took the time to go over everything we needed to know about the car. This is our 1st Subaru but won't be our last if Rose is still there. - December, 2013 via


t was worth a 2.5 hour drive to buy from Brattleboro compared to a closer option."

Had a great experience at Brattleboro Subaru! The team is incredibly friendly and helpful - right down to the local maple donuts they offered us. It was my first time buying a new car and the team did a great job listening to my needs and putting together a great package that I felt comfortable with. I had done my research - made a few calls in my local area, and decided it was worth a 2.5 hour drive to buy from Brattleboro compared to a closer option. I am thrilled with my new Forester and had a blast buying it.


omplete customer satisfaction."

By far the best vehicle purchase/lease experience we have had anywhere.
Rose Kochman welcomed us, listened to us, HEARD us, and worked WITH us to find the best vehicle for our needs and wants. We decided on a 2014 Forester which happened to be arriving the next morning and we were driving it home that afternoon. It was the best 24 hour car experience resulting in complete customer satisfaction. - December, 2013 via


Tireless in helping us"

From the first telephone conversation to the final handshake, the sales staff at Brattleboro Subaru have been good listeners, friendly, knowledgable, and always ready to answer questions. Billy was tireless in helping us find the car that fit our needs. - December, 2013 via


They will work with you"

knowledgeable about a unique product. Accommodating and friendly. They will work with you to ensure you can afford the automobile you wish to purchase. A good selection of automobiles on the lot. - December, 2013 via


I Love my new car!"

Great customer service. Friendly staff that was not pushy. Good price on vehicle with a great finance service as well. I Love my new car! - December, 2013 via



Dear John,

    As the General Manager, you should know that my snappy little ORANGE crosstrek and I have been easily bonding for over 2 months now. Let me assure you, we're both happy campers. We've traveled over 3,500 miles together without a snag. She smoothly handles the back roads I need to travel as an itinerant speech pathologist as well as the highways between me and my grandchildren in Providence, Rhode Island. Of course, her big test will be mud season on the dirt roads where I live. I'll keep you posted.

    As a loyal Subaru driver for 35 years I expect to be satisfied with the car, but it is also important to me to be satisfied with the purchasing process. My entire experience with Brattleboro Subaru has been a pleasure. Jason Steele proved to be exactly as he had been described by the satisfied customer who recommended him to me. He was a patient listener, always professional, highly knowledgeable and respectful. I was especially pleased that he didn't treat me like a "bothersome old lady".

    While I'm extolling the virtues of one of your staff members, I also want to express my gratitude for my dealings with Niz Mushaba. Again, he was most respectful and professional as well as knowledgeable and clear in his explanations.

    While I expressed a version of these accolades on the e-mail survey sent by Subaru shortly after my purchase, I wanted to be sure you personally received my letter of thanks. I am cc this to the owner to ensure that he gets the message about how highly I regard the Brattleboro Subaru team. I also have passed on that endorsement to the numerous folks (friends and strangers) who have asked me about the car. (I had no idea how much attention an orange car would attract.)

    So, thanks again to Jason Steele, Niz Mushaba, and you for providing a stress-free Subaru experience. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.


    Kathleen Pirruccello

"I would for sure buy from them again."

Had a very good experience. I would for sure buy from them again. Very friendly excellent service and continued excellent service even after the sale. - November, 2013 via


I know where I am buying my next Ford or Subaru from now on."

Let me start out by saying this has been, hands down, the best dealership experience my wife and I have ever had!

My wife and I spent about a month contacting numerous internet sales teams in the New England area looking for the best deal on a 2014 Subaru Crosstrek Xv. When we contacted Brattleboro Subaru, we had a feeling we were in for a treat. They stood out from the rest of the pack right away.
They were polite, informative, and quick to reply from the very beginning.
Not only that, but they ended up being the dealership that offered the best deal on the Crosstrek!

Once we made the decision to go with Brattleboro Subaru the help & contact continued until the day we received the car (and beyond, actually).

We could not be any more happy with our new car buying experience at Brattleboro Subaru!
Special thanks to Marie, Matt, & Luke for being so patient with us! We were not the easiest customers to please.

I know where I am buying my next Ford or Subaru from now on. - November, 2013 via


ould recommend Brattleboro Subaru to anyone."

Buying a Forester for my 87yr young mother. Settled on a lease. The car we needed was found at another dealership and brought in within a week. No pressures from either salesman (Jason) or finance manager (Niz). They explained almost everthing as many times as we needed, (halfway home, we realized it had a sunroof!) and showed my mother the operations of the car. A bit different than her Mercury Marquis!

We were very pleased with the price and attitude of the employees. Even though we live out of state, the dealership was going to go get the new tags and insurance information for us. They also programmed the garage door opener to the rear view mirror. The service waiting room looks to be very comfortable should we bring it back here for service.

Driving home, I was happy with the performance or the car, and believer my mother will be happy with her choice. Overall, would recommend Brattleboro Subaru to anyone. - August, 2013 via


I would definitely recommend Brattleboro Subaru without hesitation to any friends"

This is the second new Subaru I've purchased from Brattleboro Subaru in the last 10 years. I chose the 2013 Crosstrek, and although they did not have exactly what I wanted on the lot, Jason and Luke found it within 100 miles. I try hard to do my 'homework' when it comes to buying cars, and after being clear about that, I felt that I was heard and taken seriously throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Brattleboro Subaru without hesitation to any friends who are car shopping. - August, 2013 via


eat all of other dealers"

I just bought a xv ctrosstrek limited and i have to say the dealer has an amazing deal that i am very happy, beat all of other dealers. Very satisfy to have business with Brattleboro Subaru. A+++++ Dealer - August, 2013 via


Amazing dealership!!"

Amazing dealership!! I went in to ask about a beautiful used car on the lot. The whole purchasing process went incredibly smoothly, thanks largely to Jessica. She never applied any pressure, acting more like my advocate by helping me get the car I wanted at the price I could afford. Trade-in value on my old car was very fair. Although the car I bought is used, my friends all think it's new, it looks and runs so good. Thank you, Jessica! I highly recommend this dealer! - August, 2013 via



I'd stopped in to learn more about the Outback as I struggled to move beyond a beloved Audi that I needed to turn in at the end of its lease. We had just moved to VT and I was committed to keeping AWD, but thought I'd need a bit more heft and elevation. So, we gathered info about the Outback along with a couple of alternatives. Jason was informative and engaging during the data gathering phase and was able to shift gears toward negotiating a deal when it came time to purchase. He was straightforward and helpful. Today is day one with the new car and it is exceptional. - August, 2013 via



Paul was a great sales person who really made life easier for me. I love my "new" 2004 Outback. The work that your dealership put into it before I actually received the car was phenomenal and every time I mention my experience to some one ,their eyes widen as if to say, "from a dealership?" Needless to say, your gesture of making things right before I got the car is a WIN/WIN, both for me and for your reputation. I ,for one will buy my next, newer Subaru from you and no other. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. SINCERELY,TIM FIZGERALD - July, 2013 via Sales Follow-up Survey

Timothy Fitzgerald of Putney, VT

he experience was stress free"

Never thought I would purchase a new car because I heard that the experience can be less than pleasant, but the experience was stress free at Brattleboro. I was pleasantly surprised. I will probably buy from them again. - July, 2013 via


y far, the best new car purchase I have ever had."

I have purchased 12 new cars over the years and my experience with Brattleboro Subaru was, by far, the best new car purchase I have ever had. First, they offered a very good price. Second, they worked very hard to find the specific model I was looking for. Lastly, the delivery was seamless and well organized.

They delivered on all fronts. Mike Masters went above and beyond. I highly recommend these guy. - July, 2013 via


an't imagine a better experience."

What can I say ... found them via Consumer Reports and they offered an excellent deal with no bs. Our on site experience was equally friendly and informative. Great folks ... can't imagine a better experience. - July, 2013 via


his has been my best car buying experience ever."

Wow, I was really impressed with the team at Brattleboro Subaru from the start. I went through internet sales using email with Marie Flack and she gave me the best price that was $1500 less than my local dealer in central NY. I thought my trade in cars, yes two of them, might pose a problem. I sent them pictures and the amount I wanted based on internet research, and they thought my values were reasonable. I was able to get a contract over the phone with Marie that included the trade-in vehicles and it was pretty much a done deal before we drove from central NY to Brattleboro, VT. The 180 mile trip was well worth it. When we arrived, we were welcomed by Mike Masters and introduced to Jason Steele in sales. The dealership has a nice warm atmosphere, everyone was friendly and professional. It was nice to see real people without ties on and they were not pushy at all, this has been my best car buying experience ever. In my last dealer experience, everyone had a tie on, they were pushy, even cocky as if they were the most important person around, not at Brattleboro. I also was given great advice by Jason Posternak (the finance guy) on lodging and a wonderful local restaurant. This was the first time that no one pushed an extended warranty or a extended paint contract. Hats off to their customer service. - June, 2013 via


Amazing....these people did not push me or make me feel uncomfortable"

I want to thank the guys at Brattleboro Subaru....MIke....did a lot of leg work for me.....he got the ball rolling...I drove all the way from Manchester N>H> to look at this car and ended up leaving with it!......Amazing....these people did not push me orr make me feel uncomfortable...b elieve me I"ve checked out other dearerships and no one offered me what these men did.....when I arrivered, finally, after a long ride and a speeding ticket to boot!, Billy met me at the door....Billy and Luke took time away from their family's to ensure I left there 9:30 pm we finally finished the paperwork and I went on my journey home......relieved and happy driving my new car. They don't know it yet but I actually have a friend that wants me to take her there....get ready boys she wants to but a car this weekend! thank you, Mike Masters,Billy Boutulette, and Luke Higley.... sincerely...Margaret Nelson - June, 2013 via


"This was my first time... and my experience was excellent."

This was my first time purchasing a Subaru and my experience was excellent. Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. Always willing to answer my questions. Jason Steele was super to work with and I really appreciate his low key - no pressure style. Would definitely recommend to others. - June, 2013 via


he kind of top notch purchase experience that will definitely bring me back"

I internet shopped my vehicle. I sent out 5 separate inquiries to 3 different dealerships. Within one hour Mike Masters at Brattleboro Subaru called and began the purchase process. None of the other dealerships got back to me that day, and when they did, it was to send me an email. Brattleboro Subaru made the process fast, painless and Oh SO EASY. The vehicle was delivered to my door, in the exact condition advertised.

I feel that Brattleboro Subaru really took my business seriously and provided the kind of top notch purchase experience that will definitely bring me back in the future. I highly recommend these folks. - June, 2013 via


The 2 hour drive was well worth the savings"

Brattleboro Subaru has made purchasing a new vehicle a very low stress experience for me. From the first phone call with Mike Masters to the final paperwork , I found everyone to be very professional , friendly and sincere. I shopped around at local dealerships and they would not work with me to help me get the best price for a new car since I was upside down with my current vehicle. Mike was honest about what I could get for my vehicle and what I could expect as a price for a new Forester. The 2 hour drive was well worth the savings and Billy Boutilette was very helpful in explaining my new vehicle to me.

I highly recommend this dealership for anyone interested in purchasing a new Subaru. - June, 2013 via

I would definitely recommend Brattleboro Subaru to friends and family."

This is the third time I've leased a vehicle from Brattleboro Subaru and once again it was an easy, no-pressure process. Jason and Luke were both very knowledgable and accommodating. I would definitely recommend Brattleboro Subaru to friends and family. I love my new car! - June, 2013 via


I would not hesitate to recommend this store to my friends and co-workers"

The staff was well informed and friendly. There was no unnecessary and stressful pressure or protracted negotiations. No annoying gimmicks.

Email Inquiries were handled quickly, professionally, and courteously. The price closely matched my expectations. The vehicle was delivered to my doorstep with tank full of gas as promised. I would not hesitate to recommend this store to my friends and co-workers. - June, 2013 via


uch more pleasant and easier to deal with than your typical car salesmen!"

We experienced a no hassle experience when buying our recent Subaru. After being frustrated with other dealers we spelled out exactly what we were looking for online and over the phone with Mike. Upon deciding to go to the dealership (anticipating to be again frustrated) we were pleasantly surprised with the customer service. Mike and Jason were helpful and much more pleasant and easier to deal with than your typical car salesmen! Would recommend this dealership. - June, 2013 via


I appreciate good customer service, which is why I've been there twice so far"

My experience with Billy Boutilette at Brattleboro Subaru has been great. I just bought my second car from them. I live in the next state over, so its a little more complicated purchasing a vehicle that's not close by. I had a ton of questions and was able to correspond with Billy Boutilette often and easily. He answered every question I had, in a timely fashion. I appreciate good customer service, which is why I've been there twice so far, and I'll definitely work with Billy on future vehicle purchases. I highly recommend Billy to others! Thanks!! - May, 2013 via


"I cannot thank them enough"

At about 6:30 the other evening, I drove my 2003 Outback into the sales department of Brattleboro Subaru. What I wanted was instant service; however, knowing that the service dept was closed, I took a chance that someone in the sales dept could help me. And help me they did! When I told Luke and Jason that my car had suddenly begun to shake badly on my drive down from Marlboro, they listened attentively after which they took the trouble to test drive the car. They diagnosed the problem with my wheels/tires; then proceeded to make necessary repairs. Then after another check-up (all on their own time) they sent me on my way having solved the problem.

I cannot thank them enough for taking care of an old woman with such courtesy, not to mention sparing me the necessity of having to rent a vehicle to get me back home to Marlboro. - May, 2013 via Handwritten Letter

E. Kilweather of Marlboro

"A all around."

While visiting Brattleboro from southern New Jersey, the weekend of April 5-7, my 2008 outback wagon needed an emergency repair. Dan from service came to the rescue by fitting the car into the schedule on very short notice. This was much appreciated and we had a safe and worry free trip back to NJ on the 7th. Also, Nick, who shuttled us back and forth to dowtown was a very polite and considerate young man. A all around. - April, 2013 via E-mail

Robyn F. of New Jersey

Spread the news of my wonderful experience with Brattleboro Subaru."

As I am wrapping up the purchase of my new car I just wanted everyone there to know how pleased I have been with everyone that I have worked with at Brattleboro Subaru. Right from the initial quick response to my initial email.

I have done everything I can, short of "Hanging" up a huge banner here at People's Unite Bank mortgage center to spread the news of my wonderful experience with Brattleboro Subaru.

It is very evident that Uncle Brian and everyone there care about both where they work and their customers

A GIAGANTIC Thank you to ALL! - April 2013, via E-mail

AmyBeth Haskell of Brattleboro, VT

"Brattleboro Subaru made it happen!"

Had to drop a note to THANK YOU and your crew for the smoothest and slickest transaction we've ever had buying a vehicle!  You guys really went "above and beyond" to make this deal happen!  It was wishful thinking on our part, but Brattleboro Subaru made it happen!  Again!  I've been a Chevy guy for over 40 years (my first car was a '69 Camaro.), but thanks to you guys, I'm sold on the Forester.  Please pass along our most sincere gratitude to Paul, Luke, Niz (he's a Wizard, a Seabee and a Yankees fan!  OUTSTANDING!) and all of the other members of your staff that had anything to do with this experience!  And Tim V.  I owe him a 12 pack!  Know what kind of beer he drinks?!  I've already suggested talking to Tim to two other co-workers thinking about a new vehicle.  I think he's on a mission to turn Stratton Mountain into Subaru Mountain! - April, 2013 via E-mail

Sue & Al Paraspolo of Newfane, VT

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