2019 Green Up Day

Green Up Day is May 4, 2019!

When is Green Up Day?
Green Up Day is May 4th, 2019.

How is Green Up Day organized?

Green Up Day happens all over the state and wouldn't happen without the dedicated help of our coordinators. Each town has a coordinator that volunteers can contact to get their Green Up bags.

How can I volunteer?

Click here, to find your town. You will see the contact name, phone number and email for your town's coordinator. You can contact them for information on where to pick up Green Up bags and for other events that your town may be putting on.

What else happens on Green Up Day?

Green Up Day is about mainly about picking up litter, but many communities provide refreshments, breakfast, picnic lunch or bbq, dinner and even live music and entertainment. Contact your town coordinator to see what the local traditions may be.

How many people participate in Green Up Day?

Over 20,000 people volunteer annually in picking up litter on Green Up Day. Over 40,000 bags of trash are collected annually

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